WinFSCleanser has now reached end-of-life. That means that there will no longer be any updates or support for this product.
Although WinFSCleanser may no longer be fit for its purpose, those willing to try can use this serial number:
Name: SP
Serial #: SPWFSC-4521-6715-9445
Many thanks to all who contributed to this project.

Deletes those pesky '._' resource fork files from a chosen folder, found on some filesystems, which the user defines. Can delete other Mac and Windows invisible files too.

Caution: removes colored labels and custom icons (and probably more).
Current list of file types that can lose this resource fork are listed as defaults.

Thanks to Bernard Rey for the French localization.

If you use WFSC on a regular basis, please consider donating via the "Obtain Serial" menu item under the "File" menu.

New in version 2.5

  • Back-end fixes.

New in version 2.3

  • Easily choose from 10 recently cleansed paths (under "File" menu) (Donators only)
  • Now donationware (nags removed and extra features for donators)
  • Extension and path preferences now saved more often
  • Further French translation
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