Get Lyrical

Auto-magically add lyrics to songs in iTunes!

You can choose either a selection of tracks, or the current track. Or turn on "Active Tagging" to get lyrics for songs as you play them.

You can also browse and edit the lyrics of your iTunes tracks right from Get Lyrical.

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Tagging Scheme:
  • While "active tagging" existing lyrics are not replaced.
  • When tagging the current song, or a selection of 1 song, existing lyrics are replaced.
  • When tagging a selection of more than 1 song, some of do have lyrics, Get Lyrical asks if you want to replace existing lyrics.
Keyboard shortcuts:
Tag Selection⇧⌘Sin Main windowshift-cmd-s
Tag Current⇧⌘Cin Main windowshift-cmd-c
Toggle Active Tagging⇧⌘Ain Main windowshift-cmd-a
Tag Selected Playlist⇧⌘Pin any windowshift-cmd-p
Edit/Save lyrics⌘Sin Lyrics windowcmd-s

Minimum Requirements:
Mac OS Xv10.5+

Übersetzung:Kay van Haagen (NitricWare)
Traduzione:Vincenzo Boiano (VinBoiSoft)
Traducción:Israel López Fernández (RetroWip)
Traduction: Julien Weimer (World is small) et
Matti Schneider-Ghibaudo (page personnelle)
翻譯, 翻译:Agboh Wang (AGBOH)
(Português Brasileiro):
Felipe Pompermayer de Melo (email)
Vertaling: Douwe M.

New in version 3.7

  • Traditional Chinese localization!
  • Simplified Chinese localization!
  • Brazilian Portuguese localization!
  • Dutch localization!
  • Now tries first, if it would be faster.
  • Option to "Try Searching".
  • Fix for non-English versions not obeying when told not to overwrite lyrics.
  • Will not tag lyrics with truncated lyrics for which there are licensing issues with.
  • Fixed the Edit menu (aka. Cut/Copy/Paste).
  • Slight icon tweak so that it is more visible (stopgap while looking for new design).

New in version 3.6

  • French localization!
  • Now works even harder to find lyrics!
  • Speed improvements.
  • Auto-updates the lyric downloader (tries at launch and "Check for Update").

New in version 3.5

  • Spanish localization!
  • Snappier responses to iTunes selection changes.
  • Ability to "Keep Main Window on Top" (under Window menu).
  • Tag Current now overwrites existing lyrics.
  • Localization fixes.

New in version 3.4

  • Italian localization!

New in version 3.3

  • German localization!
  • Even better non-English character support.
  • Fix for differences in pages.
  • New icon.
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